Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey all! 
Hey y'all!
Today I did something crazy.
It's something that some people do every day.
something that some people NEVER do.
{and by "some people" I mean me, myself, and I}
something that some people dont need to do.
something that some make a resolution to do.
and then something that those same newly resolved people fail to do.
but something that something that everyone SHOULD do.

before i tell you... I'll have you guess...
boy y'all are a quiet bunch.....
.....anyone?? bueller...bueller.....
did I hear someone say work out??
people, we haaaaaaave a winner! 

This chick worked out today.  

but ya know... I also worked out LAST saturday, at 6 am.... that sucked.

I've just been hanging around my house, not really doing much, kinda stuck here because I have no car...
{problem numero uno}
I've been hanging around my house ALONE.... because my family has important things to do.. such as work, or school.. ya know. 
{problem numero dos}
On Monday, when I was called downstairs for dinner,  I realized that I was still wearing my pajamas from the night before....
{not really a problem at all... but a wakeup call. let's just call it problem numero tres to even it out k? k.}

I realized that I'm a lump.
a lumpy lump.
one that doesn't do much, but kinda just lies to themselves, hoping to not be caught in their web of self-deceit.

anyway. I almost did the same thing today.. but then I decided to go work out. It was awesome, liberating,  painful, {but painful in a really sickly pleasing way...}... I was somewhat perturbed by my reaction.  When I went to the gym last saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed it, then hated myself for the next couple of days. I thought that wouldn't happen again {the liking it part, not the pain part....I expect much pain tomorrow} but HELLO it did. I have found this sick fascination with inflicting pain on my body, pushing it to the limit of it's capabilities, then doing "5 more". It's such an awesome, accomplished feeling. {and I always said I hated working out. psh.}
I think I'm going to go to the gym more often...

spontaneous self-inflicted new year's resolution?