Sunday, September 5, 2010

World of Food

Well... I just thought I should let you know that the food up here isn't very tasty. it's bearable sometimes, but often times not, and I end up just eating salad... which I know isn't very healthy, but neither is that nasty chicken they made for dinner a couple nights ago.  I've been having some rather bad luck with the food here.

  • Last Saturday morning I had a good omelette. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't bad, so I'm not complaining.  
  • Then they made crab cakes this week, and it was kinda nasty. I didn't eat them. SALAD!!!
  • Philly cheese steak sandwich..... got all over the place, but it was good!!
  • Eggplant parm. ew.... eggplant is so mushy and gross....
  • Then Saturday morning, I woke up, knowing i got to order my own custom omelette because that's breakfast on saturdays.  I asked for sausage and peppers, and cheese.  She gave me sausage, and TOMATOES and cheese. I don't really like tomatoes... at all. I've tried them NUMEROUS times, each time hoping I'll think it tastes different, but it doesn't.... so I got my omelette, and saw the nasty tomato juice all over my sausage, and my cheese, and it was gross. but I ate it..... because I felt bad for the girl who had to make it... 
  • This morning I woke up too late for cream of wheat :( so I had cereal and cinnamon raisin toast with cream cheese.  my toast burnt....... :(
It has been a rather sad going-on in the food area of my life up here.. however I have ramen!!!! when in doubt.... ramen. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear World.

Dear Air Conditioner,
I might have not expressed this sentiment that often, but I love you so much.  I miss you dearly.

Dear Sunshine,
I'm waiting!!!!!!!!

Dear Deodorant,
People just use, and abuse you, you never get the thanks you deserve.  I would buy you flowers if I could!!!!

Dear TOMS shoe company,

Dear Salisbury Center,
COULD you possibly be farther from civilization??

Dear kitchen workers this morning,
I wanted sausage and PEPPERS in my omelette, not tomatoes. I hate tomatoes.

Dear Bethany Internet,
I really wish you worked better.

Dear Church History paper,
I REALLY REALLY don't want to write you, but I know I have to, and I guess I'm just gonna have to get over it....

Dear Capitalism card game,
WHY are you so entertaining???? and WHY can't there be a limit on the number of players in the game?

Dear cell phone,

Dear floor rug in my dorm room,
you are so cute, and soft, and I'm so glad we picked you out!!!

Dear Family,
I actually miss you. I didn't think I would all that much, because I was so glad to finally get away, but I really do miss you.

Dear Stewarts Landing,
Are there really snakes in your water?? That girl really scared me when she told me that.....

Dear clouds suddenly looming overhead,
LEGIT?????? go away!!!!!!!!!

Dear World,