Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Realm of Hair and Happiness

Yesterday morning I woke up..... in a mediocre mood... not happy, not sad, just kinda... eh. THEREFORE what did i decide to do??? Get a haircut of course!! 

<-------- this is what my hair used to look like while curly... long, very nice, kinda wavy and unruly actually :) I love it :D i could put it up, and in a bun, and down, and in a braid... it was extreeeeemely versatile!!!! 

(whenever i say that word I am soooo tempted to say it the way Dory from Finding Nemo said "escape", and the way Groucho from the Marx Brothers said "fragile" soo I do!!! I pronounce it --vur-sah-tilly--)

SO... it was around 3:03 pm.... but who's counting, and I called up the Paparazzi Salon in Glen Cove...(normally I would go see Stella Livoti at the Cactus Salon in Woodbury, but my car was in the shop........ wait...... DETOUR!!!!

on Saturday night, when I was leaving for my friend Amy's graduation party, I stupidly decided to air out my car, because it was kinda hot, but ya know.... who would EVER do that???? no one right??? wrong.. everyone does it, and THIS never happens to them!!!!!!!! The passenger side window *clicked* (which is the only way i know how to describe it.. but it was more of a glassy sounding pop... i dont know.. make of it what you will.) and started slowly sliding down, despite my very exhausting efforts at pushing the button in the "up" direction, and trying to rewind time... 5 minutes later, my window was fully down, and there was nothing I could do to get it back up.... so we took it to Troffa's (the repair shop in my town) and he fixed it.. $363.84 later I got my car back today....

........ so my car was in the shop and I had to go to Paparazzi Salon in the GC.... I called their number, and heres the way the conversation went

Lady-"Hi thank you for calling Paparazzi Salon, what can I do for you?"
Me-"Well I dont think you can cut my hair.... you're the receptionist...." 
LOL jk I didn't say that
Me-"Hi can I make an appointment for a cut today?"
Lady-"Sure. 3:30 with Peter?"
Me-*wow that was really fast* "Sounds good!!!"
Lady-" ok we'll see you then!"

Nothing to it, folks.  I put on some decent looking clothes, and hopped in the car. by 4:30 my hair was shiny, flippy, and SHORT!!

sooo i sent around this picture ----------->
to some friends who can ACTUALLY receive picture mail!!! and they all loved it! hooray for acceptance!! hahaha :) I went home and showed my parents, and my brother, and felt VERY HAPPY!!!! 

Now why is it... that when something like this happens..
  • New Haircut
  • New Clothes
  • New Makeup
  • New Shoes
  • New Jewelry
  • New Hat
  • New Scarf
  • New Rainboots
  • New Perfume
  • New Shampoo and Conditioner
  • New Flat Iron
it makes you happy??? Not necessarily YOU, but just anyone!!

I really don't know the scientific, honest-to-God, psychological reason, HOWEVER, I am a woman, and women like to feel beautiful.  Women buy new things for the purpose of showing off, using, wearing, smelling, jumping in, waving, or wafting them!! New things make women feel pretty, so my hair made me feel pretty :D it's a nice feeling :D

<------------ check out this ADORABLE sweater from H&M that I just got tonight :) LOVE the bow appliques that look like pockets :):) sooooo cute :)
I was debating on getting it in cream, versus gray, but the gray hides a lot of accidents, and i plan to wear this sweater a heckuvalot :)