Wednesday, November 30, 2011

two things.

ok fine... maybe more than just two. 
the first one is epic.
the second is past; literally history.
the third is creative.
the fourth is clever.

The fifth is kinda hysterical.
the sixth is CHRISTMAS!!!
the seventh is inspiring.... and funny.
and the eighth, final picture, is eye-opening.
I would rather live my life in the joy, openness, and adventure of the first row than in the timidity, safety, and solemnity of the third.

Let's live in the third row, shall we?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This was supposed to be posted a couple days what?
I don't even remember what I did that day, but whatever it was included ruffles, turquoise, and fuzzy socks!!!

Sweater: Charlotte Russe...a couple years ago
Necklace: Forever 21 this summer
Top: Banana Republic
Jeans: Target?
Earrings: No idea.

and NOW, on this early morning of thanksgiving... the first thanksgiving meal that my mother has ever cooked by herself, (with my help of course) we are beginning the cooking.

After watching my mom procrastinate for about 3 hours, and whine about being "so tired", I decided to take control of the situation, and get stuff done.  
Mashed the potatoes
Cleaned the dishes
Put away the food from dinner
Then poked, prodded, and motivated my mom til she finally put on her apron with a hearty "look out Mr. Turkey!"
Picked up the 18 pound turkey
put it in the sink
grabbed the scissors
started snipping the packaging away
til i heard silence, and a "how the heck..... what do i do now?"
then just 5 seconds ago... "oh there are the gizzards!!! ....they're in the other end.."
....Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I love

  • Getting to decorate my own cupcake after Large Group on Friday night {and then a second}
  • Eating dessert first
  • Kickboxing class {more of a love-hate relationship though}
  • Taking 5 minute showers because they make me feel accomplished
  • Singing pretty songs at nursing homes...then taking time to talk to the elderly people and hear all their awesome stories
  • The way sports stores smell {like NEW things, not sweat}
  • Buying new fuzzy socks
  • Finding out that those titanium necklaces really work
  • Testing the limits of my wardrobe by not doing laundry for...about a month.
  • The first snowfall and how giddy it makes me feel
  • Sleeping in... and then not doing anything productive for the rest of the day
  • Playing the guitar for however long I want to
  • Listening to beautiful music in French class
  • Wegman's frozen chicken pot pies {don't judge. they're delicious}
  • Staying up late for a movie night with friends
  • Snuggies with pockets
  • Optional morning classes
  • Long showers
  • Staying in my bathrobe for almost an hour after showering because all my clothes are in the laundry
  • Eating breakfast super late
  • Pinterest expressing my feelings through the various "quotes" boards. Thanks all you wonderful people.

And Last but not least

  • Being forced to wear my LARGE men's batman underwear that i bought for halloween, because all my other underwear is in the laundry. {and LOVING it...}

Friday, November 18, 2011


I wish I could say that the title was about me doing random acts of kindness...but it's not.

Today started off pretty bad, when it wasn't even "today" yet.  It was still just a "tomorrow" and it was already ruined.

Woke up kinda late/early i call it ...learly... early enough to NOT be late to class, but late enough to not have enough time to take a shower.. awkward.

Class. blah. {hulu}. other class. blah. {notice the absence of LUNCH} then I had to finish my lab report due tomorrow.... I've never done a lab report before and I didn't even know where to start... or continue...

then it snowed. 
a lot. 

Waited until 5 for dinner, then ate some pretty great dinner ziti with surprisingly homemade sauce!!!! {day slightly improved.} thennnnn ice cream with "les bananes flambees" {or in english, sliced bananas sauteed in butter, brown sugar, and a 'splash' of brandy then my favorite part: bbuurrrnnneeedddd. the flames were at least a foot and a half high.}
Confession: my actual favorite part..........
was eating it.

{as campus food moves up in the world? maybe?}
met with lab report buddy at 6:30 to work on said lab report... I showed up at 6 {"oh yeah i'll just get a head start! I have the time." ......15 new pins later... thanks pinterest}
he showed up at 7 ish.... sooo I got no work done until then. 
we were finally able to obtain the study room from the Occupy Geneseo student movement....
{really kids... all you're occupying right now is study room 202A, you'll have to try a little harder.}
thennnn started REALLY working at 8......ish..

finished at 11. left at 12. starving.
walked down to the dining hall trying not to break my neck on the ice...
got into the dining hall. waiting on line for a pbj sandwich. and all of a sudden this GUY
"hey man.... it's 12 o'clock"
then looks at me with a very meaningful look that basically says 
"sorry chick, you were the last one here, you're the first one out."
I think it was the look of dismay/disapproval/utter resignation that was so apparent on my face, that made him tell me to "wait" and then offer me something "for free" to which i reply.... "no. i just want pbj"
{so now he's not only mean, but breaking the law?}
he looks at me.... for a couple seconds.....
then walks over and makes me a pbj sandwich, even asking me what kind of peanut butter to jelly ratio I prefer!!!! {I just said 1:1... didn't wanna get difficult or anything} then he gives me my sandwich, I pay for it, and leave. beaming. this tummy will be happy tonight!

Walking out of the dining hall, pulling my down-filled hood over my head and tucking my hair in, hearing the wind whistle through the snow covered trees, and stomping through the slightly frozen surfaces of numerous puddles in my fleece lined rain-boots, I realized that this guy didn't have to do anything for me.  He didn't have to offer me something for free, he didn't have to make me a sandwich, he didn't even have to smile at me when he handed it over! But he did, and because of that, he made my day. my day ended with such a minimal action, yet with such significant meaning to me, that it made my today wonderful, even though it really wasn't "today" anymore. it had become a "yesterday".


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinterest speak

...and then there are those times when you just can't find any words to express yourself
and are forced to rely on pinterest...

if only people realized.



and then these :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

corn meal.

List of {really fun} things:
1.  Anthropology test tomorrow. Study. Finish book.
2.  Hungry. Lunch. Eat (ok this one is actually fun)
3.  Environmental Lab Write up. Write it up. 
4.  Classes. Register
5.  Lab class in 15 minutes. Maybe after my Ibuprofen kicks in and I crawl out of the fetal position.

Anthropology test: clarification.
This book was assigned as mandatory reading for our class:
Sun Chief; The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian, and I have to say that it is pretty great!

maybe you'd say it's great... IF
you happen to be the kind of person who likes vivid discriptions of birth rituals, human-animal sex, and lots and lots of corn meal being sprinkled on EVERYTHING, because that's what this book is about.

Needless to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it...

So excuse me as I go sprinkle some corn meal on my bed,
put on my {really attractive} high school gym sweatpants, size: XL,
pop some more Ibuprofen,
and take a nap.


Monday, November 7, 2011

older brother.

I was just doing some hard drive clean up on my computer, and I found a pretty extensive folder of pictures that happened when I left my computer at home, sometime last year.
My brothers and I are very similar... I think that's why we get on eachothers' nerves so often.
But we DO love eachother.
a lot.
unfortunately Don has not had the chance to play around with my photo booth the way Dan has, but when he does, you'll all know.

kitty tail mustache?

O.o in real life.

see?? He's actually a pretty attractive guy, no?
....all the single ladies?

pretty much my favorite.


I mean.. ya can't get more attractive than this, can ya?? 
This is why I love my older brother.

peace out.


Saturday, November 5, 2011


so all of a sudden today... my blog has had one thousand page views!!!! how cuh-razy is that?
pretty crazy..........
guys..... a thousand is a lot!!!!! So you understand how I'm excited!

Also today, I decided to mayybbbeeee possiibbbllllyyyy kinda sorrrrrtttaaaaa start a fashion-ish blog...
schwwwhhhaaaatt???? yeah. ok let's answer the questions. the 5 w's!!
who: uhhmm ME!
what: uhmmm.... fashion blog..
when: ...... -______- today!! (gosh these questions suck..)
where: HERE! gosh darnit.
why: OKKK FINALLY! because I love fashion, and I really need a creative outlet for all my.... creative-ness. also known as creativity, but who really cares anyway. HERE WE GO PEOPLE. let's do this.

one problem about my fashion-y today. when I was taking pictures, I got carried away, then my camera died.... 

Lessons Learned
1. Just don't get carried away. there's no need
2. Snacking just prolongs the process.

all leather Express belt that I got from
Goodwill for $6
My Great-Grandmother's locket...
and no there's nothing in it yet! 

Jeans: Forever 21!
and then I got a Gingerbread latte..

Then I got carried away.... by the sunlight...
aaaand the way the sunlight hit our budget college blinds.
..... and green scarves..

Better luck next time...

Friday, November 4, 2011

There's no place like home... except home.

Last year when I first came to Geneseo, I knew no one.  I had no roommate, and I had no connections whatsoever. (not sure if that's supposed to be all one word? anyone?)  I got involved with InterVarsity, which is the Christian fellowship group on campus, and started meeting new people, making new friends, and kind of creating a new life for myself way up here in western New York.  Now, in this new life, I wasn't changed at all.  My personality stayed the same, my past obviously stayed the same, and so did my reactions to things, and my problem solving tendencies.  However, being at school has created a new home for me. So, I guess maybe it's not so much a new "life" per-say, but a new home would be more correct.

I saw Geneseo just another place where I made friends, then left them, and went HOME to my "true" friends, and my family.  I viewed my college the way I viewed my summer camp, and the Bible school I went to, and other places where I spent more than just a week of my life.  I never really attached myself to them.  I was never that girl who bawled her eyes out on the last day, when everyone was leaving.  I viewed the friends I had made there as more temporary friends, and not so much as people who I wanted to love as friends for the rest of my life.  I don't know why I did that... but I do know that it kept me from hurting too badly when I left.  However it also prevented me from living fully.  As Christians, we're called to love people! Loving them doesn't just mean being there for them when they need someone, or giving them advice or even just hugging them when they think they just failed their exam.  People usually have to WORK at that part of loving people.  What I've come to realize about myself is that I have been called to love people on a daily basis.  Not love for a moment when they need it most, but love them in those moments where they don't need it either!! It might sound weird, but I have to learn how to invest myself in relationships with others, and not just rely on chance meetings to grow as friends.  

That being said.  I had a really stressful week.  It seems like everything that I had to do, had to be done on 
Wednesday, with an exam on Thursday, AND a book to read, a worship practice to attend, a 2 hour lab class, a french meeting, and then a 5 hour study session...... oh yeah, and think about what I want to do with my future and write a paper about it.... yeah......  There just wasn't enough time in my day to devote to each thing... THEN to make matters better, I woke up at 11:40 on Wednesday morning, and missed my two morning classes. good job at waking me up, crackberry.  I was freaking out.  My friend commented to me that she knew I was having a stressful day because I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans (I never do that.... I kinda just like looking nice.)  

What happened then????
Well I'm glad you asked.

I did everything I was supposed to, went to my lab, colored for two hours straight (yeah. totally NOT a waste of time..............) then ate food in the fifteen minutes of free time that I had, and went up to worship practice.

This story would be really depressing and probably stressful for YOU as well as for me, so I'm not going to finish it, because it all went as planned, for the most part.  However, God is awesome!!!! God showed me other people's love for me, when I was stressing out.  God has put some really great people in my life, who made me think back to HIM when I was in the "depths of despair" ;) (not really, but let me be dramatic) Usually I'm  the comforting, advice-giving, helpful person who wants to solve everyone's problems, and I make other people feel better.  I don't stress out about things that often, and usually I just leave it between me and God.  I'm not one to go searching for help. I want to do it all myself.  I didn't go looking for comfort, or looking for help on Wednesday, but I saw a couple friends, and when they asked how I was, I obviously told them, because I wasn't "good".  The amount of love and support was pretty astonishing!!! I know that it was just stress, and not some major life crisis, but it still meant a lot to me.

One friend looked me straight in the eye, after I whined all about how busy I was, and he said "God is your strength." bam. done. end of story..... Can I just say how peaceful that made me feel??? (uhhhhh YEAH i can. it's my blog.) Remembering that I didn't have to do it on my own put such a peace in my heart before worship practice.  THEN, surprise numero dos, (I'm declaring my major and I had to make an appointment with the Communication's department chair, and then got this sheet of paper telling me all the things I had to have ready for the interview.. including that paper.) the department chair was at our worship practice!!!(???) he was our "sound guy" and I ended up talking to him for a little bit, and found out that this 'paper' only really needed to be three paragraphs. *cue weight being lifted off my shoulders*

...not such a fantastical story.... but I haven't written a blog in a while, and I thought that this needed to be shared. 

1.  Love is more than just fixing people's problems when they need it.  
Love is actually taking time out of your day just to be around that person, with no ulterior motive.  
Erika does not invest enough time in her relationships with others.

2.  Love is more than just taking time out of your day just to be around a person.
Love is being there for someone when they need advice, or even just a warm hug.
Erika needs to become more comfortable with sharing her problems and hurts.

3.  Home is not just a place, but it's a state of mind where one feels safe and comfortable sharing their joys, sorrows, hurts, problems, and lives with others.
Geneseo is Erika's home.