My personality

So this one time I had to write an essay about the color of my personality.....then I did...
Color.  Color is an amazing phenomenon, because what is it really? A photon of a certain frequency given off by an object when light strikes it, basically.  The color given off by a surface is completely, and utterly dependent on the material that makes up that surface.  Color helps us to identify unknown things, or even known people.  Yet why is color never used to describe personality? If perhaps, I was ever asked to describe my personality using color, I would choose the color purple, a daring, bold, and unashamed color.
I am compassionate.  I feel concerned for the well-being both emotionally and physically, of others; I cry when I drive by an animal laying dead on the side of the road; I laugh with joy at a the long-awaited first word of a parents’ first-born child.  I am just.  I feel incensed at the thought of injustice being brought upon those who can’t defend themselves; I regard myself as personally responsible to advocate for those victims.  I am strong.  I don’t yield in the face of opposition, but rather I embrace that opposition as a driving force which, in turn, causes me to prevail; I am sometimes viewed as too self-assertive, or harsh, when I forget to temper my words with kindness, and unknowingly unleash the full force of my strong-minded thoughts onto the unprepared listeners.  I am graceful.  I enjoy dressing up for special occasions, feeling light and lovely, sauntering around a room, just reveling in the sheer wonderment of what pretty clothes and primping can do for one’s countenance.  I am contemplative.  I love to just lie down in the soft grass sometimes, looking up at the sky, pondering the answers to my unanswered questions.  I am purple.
The color purple has a depth to it that usually goes unnoticed by others.  Purple is bold, relentlessly strong, and couldn’t care less what people think about it.  Purple is fearless in the face of conflict, unwavering for those who need strength, and undaunted by the sneer on the forbidding face of society, who derides anyone who cares enough to differ from the norm.   Purple also has another aspect to it, for, when mixed with white, it produces an exceptionally soft, pretty, ethereal color.  This shade of purple helps to embody the compassion, kindness, and grace that also is seen as present in the design of my personality.   The dual nature of the color purple, both strong and gentle, bold and light, forceful and relenting, help to illustrate the complexity of my personality.  
Be that as it may, I cannot truly say that I am only purple, because saying that would be an outright lie.  My personality would be more correctly delineated by the color purple with a splash, a burst, a streak of yellow, the brightest one can imagine, infiltrating the tranquil, predictable, even veneer of purple.  Yellow represents everything happy, and cheerful: the tangible feeling of freedom when elementary age children are let out of school for the summer, the hope of the sun behind dark thunderclouds, threatening to ruin your picnic, the sun shining on my face as I walk out to my car on a crisp spring morning, knowing that the long-anticipated summer is on it’s way.  
I am joyful.  I am exhilarated by the smell of spring, and cut grass, and the initial appearance of crocuses as they poke their heads out of the ground, testing the air to see if it’s time to bloom; I enjoy skipping down the somewhat empty hallway on my way to class, even if I’m late, just because; I like to spend time with my friends, doing things that others would view as stupid, or lame, but that we have entitled “fun”.  I am optimistic.  I always take into account the possible positive outcomes of a problem before processing the negatives.  I am full of life.  I have labelled myself as a morning person, an afternoon person, and a night-owl; I don’t need to drink coffee in the morning.  I am quirky.  I am frequently entertained by the looks some people give me when I’m ordering something at a fast-food place and laugh at myself because I can’t decide what I want; I tell myself jokes; I laugh at the jokes that I tell myself; I have not yet fallen prey to the common misperception that one’s inner child should be tied up and chained for the rest of their life.  I am yellow.
Yellow and Purple. Two rather ordinary colors, describing a rather extraordinary personality.  Each one very unlike the other, yet coming together in such a way that one would assume they belong together.  Each one seemingly simple, and straightforward, yet both proving to be much more complex, than could have been imagined.  I’m astonished at how absolutely purple and yellow represent my personality.  Although it is so complex, it can be explained so simply through color. Color.  Color is an amazing phenomenon.