Sunday, December 26, 2010

a white world

Feet bundled in my blanket, nose still red from snow shoveling, heater on high, and hot chocolate on the way, I stare out of my window in contempt, at the nasty white evil currently falling from the sky because I know what this means.

Since the snow has left me indoors, not doing the things that i SHOULD be doing, and therefore bored, I have decided to write a blog post.. since i haven't actually written in a really long time.

Don't expect anything extremely philosophical or mind-blowing because of that fact.  Simply expect to know what I'm thinking.

Tomorrow at 9 am. I should be on a plane heading to Washington DC with a connection to Kansas City, Missouri.  I say 'should' because if this snow continues like this, I don't think i'll be going anywhere tomorrow.......
The repercussions of this would be as follows:
I would....

  1. NOT be able to attend Onething '10 which I've been looking forward to since Onething '09....
  2. NOT be able to see my boyfriend who I haven't seen since October 31st.
  3. NOT be able to give him his present, OR receive mine, which he is extremely excited to give me.
  4. Feel very guilty, and responsible for all the money wasted on this un-trip, even though it isn't my fault.
.........45 minutes later. update...
flight to DC is cancelled. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

two worlds far apart

so.... there's the mother who, when her child falls and scrapes their knee, coddles them and practically cries in their place, THEN there's the mother who sympathizes but says 'get up, brush it off, and pay more attention next time'....i will not be the coddler.

I'm sick of always having to be the one to comfort, and to say "aww im so sorry" to the person, when I know that they're in the wrong, and that they need to just grow up and stop acting like a child who just fell and scraped their knee.