Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That one time I only had one semester left of college.

If I told you this semester was easy, it would be a boldfaced lie.  This was probably the most challenging semester yet.  
The papers for my Comn class were annoying, the exams and articles for my french class seemed pointless, but I know the work that I did: the art pieces I finished, the debates I conquered did well in, the resumes and portfolios I produced, are all extremely beneficial for my life in the future!  

6:45-9:45 pm finals however...keep em. I don't want em.

I feel free!
I have 31 days to spend at home, reading, crafting, baking, cleaning, working out etc. Oh and did I mention that Taylor's coming to visit in 10 days? No? oh. well he is!

That brings us to my goal-setting portion of this blog post! I've realized that setting goals is like a little mini personal self-challenge to complete them! 

That's all! Now I'm gonna go work on completing all those things! Hopefully you'll hear from me more often from now on...


Friday, November 29, 2013

Just Poppin in.

Hello all!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday my family celebrated with two of our geographically closest Uncles, and my sweet Nanny.  We were missing my older brother, and my fiance, but we managed to survive without them.....but with much sorrow.
Anyway! I had a fun time decorating with my mom! and by that I mean.... She put on the tablecloth and I did the rest! It was fun family bonding time, and the food was delicious as always. Moist turkey has still been an unreachable target for my mom's 3rd ever Thanksgiving, but I'm optimistic about the future!

but Thanksgiving ended.... so now it's time for CHRISTMAS!!!
and happy Christmas music time!
You know those people who just HAVE to wait until after Thanksgiving to be able to play Christmas music with a clear conscience? yeah? well I'm not one of them... I have been singing, and secretly listening to Christmas music since October.  Christmas movies? yeah those too.   However one of my house mates is not such a fan of Christmas music before Thanksgiving, so I've been holding back.

But not anymore.  No.  Now is the time for those happy violin-bell-and-suave-voice-filled songs about snow, love, joy, and Jesus!  It will be magnificent!  

To continue start the season off right, I'm having friends over tonight to cut paper snowflakes and drink delicious hot chocolate! In honor of those two festive ideas, I wanna show you some great pinterest ideas that I will fully be taking advantage of tonight.  I was thinking about trying to pawn them off as my own ideas... but I didn't think anyone would believe me...

So, Ladies and Gents,
 Happy Holidays, happy festivities, Merry Christmas time, happy Christmas music time, God is good, and God bless America.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Good news and Bad news...and Juggling

Man, guys.
Life is busy!!!! With a capital B....

It seems as though every single priority that I'm really supposed to have just gets pushed to the back-burner of life for some other priority which, for that day, seems more important.

Good news: We're putting a deposit down on a venue on Tuesday!! Cross your fingers that this is THE ONE. [p.s. do you realize how often we use that phrase?? We expect women to find "the one" man, "the one" dress, and "the one" wedding venue..]
The "best advice" that someone could give me while picking out a venue was "when you walk in... you'll know that it's the one"
.......... oh, really lady?

Bad news: I'm bringing back my wedding dress, because it's not the one.  I bought it in a fit of hunger, and desperate-times.  [when in reality I wasn't all that desperate, and was putting unnecessary pressure on myself to find the one that day]

Good news: both the grades I've gotten back so far have been A's!!!
Bad news: I haven't gotten my psych test, comn. paper, or either of my presentation grades back yet... they won't be A's.

Sleep and Shower Deprivation:
An actual picture I sent to Taylor to prove that I didn't need to shower. gross.
Good news: I get to go to bed soon!
Bad news: I really should be studying for my French exam tomorrow.
...also? did I mention my shower schedule? no? good.

The weeks in this semester have been FLYING by:
Good news: I'm graduating and getting married sooner!!!
Bad news: All my papers and exams are happening sooner.
...also everything for our wedding has to be planned sooner.

Also, Taylor surprise-visited me two weeks ago!!! More on that next time.

Anyway guys, as a conclusion..... I'll ask you one question.  
Do you want to learn how to juggle?? 
Because if you do...
Don't ask me.
I'm sucking at it.