Trip to France

Welcome to my France Page!!!!!
On July 7th, 2010 I (along with my Mother and Uncle) left the United States, and headed over to the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France.
Me and Dan's awkward goodbye hug. :)
Love Him!!!!

We stayed in Paris for 5 days.
We left the hotel in Paris almost as soon as we arrived, and we walked to Notre Dame, through the Jardin de Luxembourg. Notre Dame was beautiful, and very nice to visit.
this one isn't too great.... but you get the jist!

Later that day we took the Metro up to the Eiffel Tower, and let me tell you, the Metro in Paris, is one of the easiest subway-like systems that I've ever traveled on.  I love the feel of the people around the Eiffel Tower.  A small distance away from the touristy part of it, is a large lawn where we saw a huge collection of colorful blankets strewn across the grass, and many picnic lunches being eaten.  It was similar to Central Park, but also very different in many ways.
eh, kinda out of focus, but it works!!

The next day we visited the Louvre, and it was HUGE! and I mean HUGE!!!!!! Once we had finished with one wing, both upstairs and downstairs, I was ready to go eat lunch, but there were 3 other wings that we still had to visit.  All the artwork was breathtaking, even the structure and the beauty of the building itself.
The Courtyard of the Louvre, we couldn't find the entrance :)
We spent all day in the Louvre, and eventually went back to the hotel room and took naps...... or pictures.
I really really really like this picture!!!
This was just our Hotel room, and I thought it looked pretty :)
One of the most well known Architectural structures in the World. It was kinda cool I guess.... :)
En Pleine Paris
(right in the middle of Paris)
P.S. please take note of the green GARBAGE BAG in the lower left hand corner, that is still intact, and very clean.  French people are so neat! I would imagine what it would look like in New York City, but I kinda don't want to.
This was the night we took a rather touristy boat ride down the Seine river.  We had such a clear night, and the sunset was very delicate and lovely :)
The 5 flights of stairs we had to climb to get to the bottom of Montmartre.  There were so many stairs, that you can't even see the bottom in this picture. We're beasts....
this was only halfway through.....
Sacre Coeur/ Montmartre
I took a lot of pictures of this beautifully architectural building.  However only the outside, because the first day we went, after having climbed hundreds of stairs, and rejoicing about making it up there alive, we weren't allowed in, because we were both wearing tank tops.  I was just a little mad........

L'Arc de Triomphe. Obviously.
This was right on the Champs Elysees, which was sooo packed with people strolling up and down, occasionally going into the Gucci building, and Louis Vuitton building, and basically doing whatever the heck they want to do, EXCEPT walk across this street. We almost died..... a couple times.
ohhhhh ya know.... just some pigeons... strollin around near the arc de triomphe. hangin out with the group of kids from Norway
Fluorescent Jelly Fishies in the Aquarium de Paris.
My camera was only able to slightly capture the light that these Jellies were reflecting/giving off!!! It was astounding!!!!
Seeing this anemone flow in the water, made me want to be able to dance, and move the way I saw it move. It might sound stupid, but it was breath-taking.
and I know the guy who planned it all out!!!

Such a pretty fountain!
(in the Tuileries Garden outside the Louvre)

Me and Mommy rockin' our stunner shades in the Lavender Garden in the Tuileries.  Whenever the breeze turned a certain way, we were surrounded by the enchanting and slightly magical smell of lavender.

Pantheon in Paris


I thought this looked really cool.
Saint Genevieve was SUCH an awesome, strong,
yet caring and compassionate woman. WOW

I just thought that this picture looked SO extremely french
with: ~the bicycle
~the woman's skirt and short hair cut
~the dog in the front basket
~the red store with the red carnations in the flower box.

Probably the BEST dessert I've ever had in my life.
and I still don't know what it was.

L'hotel Dieu
I absolutely ADORE this picture!!!!!
L'hotel Dieu
This one isn't so artistic, as it is amazing to think
about all the work these people did in the 15th
century, with the colored tiles on the roof!! I
appreciate their hard work.

ok SO. as we were driving to the South of France from Paris, every couple of minutes we'd see an absolutely STUNNING view of a field, FULL of sunflowers!!! just 

View from Pont Du Gard

View from the OTHER side of Pont Du Gard

anndd taking centerstage...
Pont Du Gard itself...finally!!!!

Me and Mommy in Nimes

Really lame Roman temple in Nimes

This guy was making pottery and it was really cool!!
(YES he was spinning that wheel with his feet ;)
 it looked really funny,
his little feet running around and around hahhaha)

View from the Palais de Papes

The Saint Benezet's Bridge

Bridge in Avignon

Gruissan (South of France)
P.S. please excuse the reflection on the window :)


Gruissan beach. B-E-A-U-tiful Mediterranean beach sand.

When the "puddle" was in action
(spraying a mist of water out of
small spouts in the ground)

One of the many plump Pidgeons
that I had to restrain myself from punting

Kids playing in the "puddle"

A cool spot right next to the Garonne River in Bordeaux

a cute little puppy just walkin around by himself near the fountains in bordeaux

The Cutest peach heels I've ever seen in my life. The only reason I didn't buy them is because they fit weird.. so unfortunate.