Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changing colors

So many things to do...
So many things to blog about!!!!
Finding time to blog and to do those to-doey things would be easy if only Pinterest would take a break every once in a while... I just know it gets super lonely and starts to miss me, so I oblige it, and just go hang out.... like old friends.
... and that just sounds creepy and awful! because it's a website... stop that Erika.

We can go backwards in time... sometimes going backwards is easier... because you can just keep writing and not have to worry about ever finishing, because you're going backwards instead of forwards, and people don't expect you to finish when you go backwards. 

My classes are not very difficult, nor are they very numerous, so I have a lot of free time, but never end up being productive.  

This weekend seems rather dull looking back on it.  I did attend and lead worship for our Intervarsity chapter's second large group this fall, as well as participate in my very first barn dance, aka plaid galore.  I also went to church, and have continued to meet hundreds of new names and faces, some of which I can match together, and others are just lone faces or lone names until we meet again.  
I think I'm coming to the point where the novelty and initial excitement of being back in school is wearing off, baring the shock of being back in the college culture after being at a Christian summer camp all summer long.  Classes are transitioning  into being more of a grind, than another "something new".  But again, they aren't very difficult, nor are they numerous, so what really do I have to complain about???

The weather is also transitioning along with my mood and attitude... the sunny days now slide into crisp late-summer/early-fall nights, and the bright it'll-be-hot-today mornings are becoming cooler, before the sun burns off the last of the dew on the grass.  The rain is still the warm summer shower, but it brings the smell of wet leaves instead of wet grass, and pumpkin spice latte's instead of lemonade.  

and me? I'm excited.
Autumn brings boots, scarves, layering possibilities, apples and pumpkins, vanilla steamers at starbucks, and valley vistas filled with the vibrant colors of the turning leaves.

Everything's changing.

and you know, 
I think I am as well.