Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In the life of a college student, there are those days when food just doesn't quite make itself readily available.  
the free samples are at a minimum...
the free time you have is nowhere near a meal time...
you just have too much work to do before class...
and sometimes taking time to eat food is wasteful considering the papers that have yet to be written.

so... I'll stop there...because my list of hypothetical situations that ANY RANDOM college student could potentially find themselves in at any time is starting to sound more like a list of excuses.

anyway! that could happen, and you should all be warned about it.

{P.S. I just ate DOTS and a tootsie roll for dinner 
washed it down by a grande caramel macchiato...
which was just the big brother of the tall macchiato I had as a mid-day snack and pick-me up 
with my oatmeal raisin cookie.......from starbucks}