Friday, August 27, 2010

In the world of......nowhere

It's finally here. I'm at school now. I've packed, unpacked, put away, decorated, and even made a few friends along the way.  I arrived on Sunday night at 7, and everything after that is a bit of a blur, because of the adrenaline, I think, and maybe just the excitement of it all.

  • MY ROOM: A spacious, clean, closeted, painted white, light brown carpeted, barely furnished room with a bunk bed, desk, 2 bureaus, and a chair.  We put little blue, teal, green and brown circle and square decals on the wall ('easily removable'....or so they say... we'll find out at the end of the year), found and tried to hang a mirror (alas it had no hooks to hang by), tried and failed to hang our flock of towels on the back-of-the-door towel rack that we were happy to see there, except we failed because it was broken. surprise surprise.  
  • MY ROOMMATE: Ashley Navarro, a fun-loving, wonderful, hilarious, dedicated, kind and compassionate, God-loving person, who I am DELIGHTED to have as my roommate, prayer partner, decorating partner, homework partner, food supplier, clothes sharer, and everything else that a roommate entitles at Bible School. 
  • MY CLASSES: My "School within a school" class is Prophecy.  I chose between Biblical Studies, Prophecy, and Worship.  I was strongly leaning towards worship for the longest time, but then I felt like I should really be in Prophecy, so when the time for the decision came, I made the right decision, I think.  I am also taking a -Church History -Romans -Prayer and Personal Devotion -Old Testament Survey and of course Prophecy.  I would give you the low-down on all of them, but so far the only class I've taken is Prophecy (WHICH WAS, AND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!)
I went into town on Monday afternoon (town=gas station and maybe a couple restaurants....maybe a public library?) to an internet cafe, so I was able to connect to the outside world YAY!  Tuesday we had orientation in the morning, then lunch, then we had our first day of work (Housekeeping) but I didn't have to work because Anne decided she would just teach us all together the next day.  So we had that time off.  I hung around outside by myself at the picnic tables for a bit, then after getting hit on by an African guy from Nigeria, I went inside.   I just sat and waited for JT and Ashley to get out of their kitchen meeting so we could go to Walmart to get some last-minute stuff for our room. Forgotten things such as: Curtains, Mirror, Rug, Floor Lamp, removable wall hooks, a shelf, Duct tape (teal in color) and miscellaneous other items (that apparently my Mother DID NOT pick out during our huge blow out shopping spree at Walmart before I came to Bethany).

Therefore, Wednesday Morning we had our first class. Prophecy. With Joanne Picataggi.  She shared what was on her heart for us that morning, and her class is so relaxed, I love it.  I'm really excited to see what God has in store for all of these people, yearning to hear His voice.  Then we had chapel, which was also awesome!! After that, and lunch, I had work.  Anne and Jean trained us on how to make beds, and clean bathrooms. Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.  We finished at 5, and ate dinner, then had another meeting at 7 to go through the rule book.  After that we had a girl's dorm meeting, and that was also fun........then I went to sleep, after trying to suck up to our dorm counselor.

Today would have been our first day of classes, except for the fact that chapel ran about 2 hours over the proposed time limit.  It started at 9, and was supposed to end before 10:30, which is the starting time for our Church History class on Thursday, but evidently God had other plans for us today.  Jesse Spradlin led worship, and even in the first song, everyone could feel that this wasn't gonna end on time.  God moved so heavily during the first two songs, that by the time it was 10:00, and time for the message, Jesse had only done two songs.  Joanne talked, called up some people for prayer, then the Holy Spirit started moving. It was so intensely awesome to see :) After chapel, it was 12:45 and lunch started at 12.  Work was at 1 so we had to eat super quick.  We worked for 4 hours (cleaned 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, vacuumed 2 suuuper long hallways, vacuumed the "business office hallway") then went on the computer for the allotted hour, after setting up my account etc. then sat and read for the next couple of hours.  
anyway. this is getting boring. basically my day is over. I'm excited for tomorrow, but I don't think I have enough dressy clothes. 

goodnight all!!!
*written 8/26/10 11 pm but I have no internet now so i'll post it tomorrow.*