Monday, January 3, 2011

The world of words

And only one word comes to mind
There is only one word I can utter to describe the captivating scene in front of my eyes, as I find myself again in awe of His striking beauty.  The sun is setting, it’s fading light striking the ice encased tree limbs, causing them to light up in their own form of worship.  Casting longing glances out the frosted windowpane, I shiver and whisper to myself how I wish the fading daylight would forsake it’s selfish obligation to leave, despite the beauty it brings to my eyes.  Watching the long shadows dance across the pages of my hastily opened book, reading the eloquently written prayers, petitions, and praises of the people from the far distant past,  I wish that I could phrase my thoughts the way those talented, fiery, awe-inspiring Christians were able to.  I am stuck trying to find the accurate words to portray my feelings to the only one who matters, although I know that He knows what I’m trying to say.  I wish that I could find in myself, the beautiful metaphorical thoughts that I want to speak, in the way that David was able to, for the eager ears of my audience of one.  But the only praise that I can find in myself at the moment comes in the form of a single word.  The desperation to find the perfect phrase to adequately portray my feelings has faded, and I’m left with this one word.  This fountain of praise rising up within me has found but one word to release the pressure, and this one word, I know he will hear, adore, and value, even though it’s utterly worthless.  I say this word silently, humbly, and reverently. But I also call out this word loudly, proudly, and shamelessly.  Holy.