Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back from the world?

Well... after quite a long time of not blogging at all, here I am sitting in front of my computer, mind going blank as to what I should write, while simultaneously shooting out random pieces of information about random events that have occurred since last time.  Let's try to make this chronological

  1. Life is boring sometimes..... 
  2. I became a roommate-less freshman at SUNY Geneseo! woot woot!!!!!
  3. I miss my friends from Bethany a heckuvalot!!! and I haven't been able to visit them yet.
  4. I'm going to Josh's prom! YES!!! Finally!!
  5. I've decided to apply for a summer job at Anthropologie! *cue angels singing* There's a good chance I'll get it too, because I know someone who knows the store manager! yay!!
Umm im pretty sure that's all the major events you should know about. It doesn't sound as exciting and fun-filled as I had hoped...

On the bright side, our world's falling apart. Just go take a look at the evening news.

To continue this A.D.D post, today I put on the cutest outfit I've worn in a long while.  I got a new shirt yesterday, and I just LOVE the way it went with my 'old' cardi and leather frye boots!
I ALSO hung out with STEPHANIE MILLER!!!!! who's one of my all time favorite people to hang out with!!! (and you who are asking yourself if you're one of that group, let's just say that you are! I like people.) Anyway, back to my story! We got Panera (one of my favorite lunch time dining places!) and had a great time!
Then we walked around the mall a bit, discovered some new things about ourselves, and then said goodbye.
I decided to be a kind, helpful daughter by picking up my little brother from school, but since I was a little early I stopped off at Marshall's to pass the time.
***time passed***
I walk back out to my car, turn the key in the ignition, and nothing.  My car died.
I was then left for the next twenty minutes standing in the much-desirable empty parking spot next to my car while waiting for my dad to come jump my car.  (i only stood out there for a couple minutes until i decided a shopping cart would do the job well)
THAT ruined my day!!!!
.... day, consider yourself officially ruined!
and to all you people out there who actually read this drivel,  I'M BACK!