Sunday, September 1, 2013

One year ago.

A year ago today, I could never have guessed where this year would take me. 
One year ago today, I was a junior at Geneseo, I had just spent my summer with hundreds of children at a summer camp, and I was getting ready to fly out to Oregon to meet Taylor for the first time, after having spoken to him online (through whatever mode of communication we could use) for a year.  
This year I've changed.  Yes, it's expected, but it's still so surprising and awe-inspiring when all those changes are piled up together in one blog post.  
This year, I actually got engaged to that guy with the really cute freckles that I finally met in person last year.  I spent my summer in Oregon, with the love of my life, building our relationship together.  I joined a sorority that will change the way Greek life is viewed on this campus, and God has revealed himself to me in so many special ways.  

I left Oregon on August 20th, and it has been 11 days so far.  Being apart sucks.  I've spent numerous nights since I left, crying myself to sleep, because I knew that when I woke up in the morning, Taylor wouldn't be on his way to pick me up, and I wouldn't be able to hug him, and just talk to him on our way to work.  

I flew home, and arrived at 5:30 am.  Then I slept for a couple hours, then later that day I had to go wedding venue shopping... because shopping for a venue from 3000 miles away never works out the way we all want it to.  I saw 4 venues that day, and got home that night extremely discouraged.  The next day I researched close to 80 different venues online, and went to bed with a list of venues to visit the next day.  I visited the next day, and fell in love.  I called Taylor, and sent him a couple pictures saying "we found our venue!!!!!" Call off the search dogs, we did it!

Then I celebrated my best friend's birthday, and the next morning, packed and left for school.  Got to school, said so many thank you's, and "ohmygosh I KNOW"s and even more explaining about our relationship in general.  But the good thing was that I had an answer when people asked about the date, and the venue, because THAT PART- the venue and date- the most important planning item ever, was decided.

But no.
Because: service charges
Thank you very much.

Point being: we are still in the market for a venue, and it's sad.

Notice this blog/journal/Ijustwanttowritesomething says absolutely nothing about school, classes, InterVarsity, AST, or any of my OTHER really important responsibilities... so take a moment of silence for those things' priorities on my life list.

That's it. I have things to do!