Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That one time I only had one semester left of college.

If I told you this semester was easy, it would be a boldfaced lie.  This was probably the most challenging semester yet.  
The papers for my Comn class were annoying, the exams and articles for my french class seemed pointless, but I know the work that I did: the art pieces I finished, the debates I conquered did well in, the resumes and portfolios I produced, are all extremely beneficial for my life in the future!  

6:45-9:45 pm finals however...keep em. I don't want em.

I feel free!
I have 31 days to spend at home, reading, crafting, baking, cleaning, working out etc. Oh and did I mention that Taylor's coming to visit in 10 days? No? oh. well he is!

That brings us to my goal-setting portion of this blog post! I've realized that setting goals is like a little mini personal self-challenge to complete them! 

That's all! Now I'm gonna go work on completing all those things! Hopefully you'll hear from me more often from now on...