Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Thursday

Some nights are just perfect for funny pictures, fingers stained purple from blackberry picking, accidental mimosas, and blackberry pancakes with just a little more syrup than normal. And when those nights happen, we just wanna grab em and hug em, snuggle with em and thank them for extra time to spend with our loved ones...
That's the kind of night we had last Thursday. It was AWESOME, and totally didn't feel like a Thursday.

Champagne! To celebrate Taylor's sister's birthday (Dani) This champagne was of asian descent, made from rice........... it had a unique taste, so we improvised.

a glass of champagne and orange juice, and a tall drink of water.

Taylor's dad began planting wine grapes on the property 4 years ago, and this is the first year that their Noble Knob vineyard will produce wine!

Some Pinot Noir grapes going through veraison (when they change color)

we decided to abandon the walk-about and just pick blackberries because they were just perfect for picking and eating.

Phoenix learned that when he forgets to put his shoes on for the daily evening walk through the property....he gets a piggy back ride from his favorite uncle ever. rough life.

By the way... I'm in love with those faces. 

 This was taken by mister artsy-fartsy himself while I was busy teaching Phoenix about hot things...

 You can try to tell me that those don't look delicious... but I know you'll be lying.

Blackberry stains... the best kind of stains.