Monday, October 7, 2013

Good news and Bad news...and Juggling

Man, guys.
Life is busy!!!! With a capital B....

It seems as though every single priority that I'm really supposed to have just gets pushed to the back-burner of life for some other priority which, for that day, seems more important.

Good news: We're putting a deposit down on a venue on Tuesday!! Cross your fingers that this is THE ONE. [p.s. do you realize how often we use that phrase?? We expect women to find "the one" man, "the one" dress, and "the one" wedding venue..]
The "best advice" that someone could give me while picking out a venue was "when you walk in... you'll know that it's the one"
.......... oh, really lady?

Bad news: I'm bringing back my wedding dress, because it's not the one.  I bought it in a fit of hunger, and desperate-times.  [when in reality I wasn't all that desperate, and was putting unnecessary pressure on myself to find the one that day]

Good news: both the grades I've gotten back so far have been A's!!!
Bad news: I haven't gotten my psych test, comn. paper, or either of my presentation grades back yet... they won't be A's.

Sleep and Shower Deprivation:
An actual picture I sent to Taylor to prove that I didn't need to shower. gross.
Good news: I get to go to bed soon!
Bad news: I really should be studying for my French exam tomorrow.
...also? did I mention my shower schedule? no? good.

The weeks in this semester have been FLYING by:
Good news: I'm graduating and getting married sooner!!!
Bad news: All my papers and exams are happening sooner.
...also everything for our wedding has to be planned sooner.

Also, Taylor surprise-visited me two weeks ago!!! More on that next time.

Anyway guys, as a conclusion..... I'll ask you one question.  
Do you want to learn how to juggle?? 
Because if you do...
Don't ask me.
I'm sucking at it.