Friday, November 29, 2013

Just Poppin in.

Hello all!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday my family celebrated with two of our geographically closest Uncles, and my sweet Nanny.  We were missing my older brother, and my fiance, but we managed to survive without them.....but with much sorrow.
Anyway! I had a fun time decorating with my mom! and by that I mean.... She put on the tablecloth and I did the rest! It was fun family bonding time, and the food was delicious as always. Moist turkey has still been an unreachable target for my mom's 3rd ever Thanksgiving, but I'm optimistic about the future!

but Thanksgiving ended.... so now it's time for CHRISTMAS!!!
and happy Christmas music time!
You know those people who just HAVE to wait until after Thanksgiving to be able to play Christmas music with a clear conscience? yeah? well I'm not one of them... I have been singing, and secretly listening to Christmas music since October.  Christmas movies? yeah those too.   However one of my house mates is not such a fan of Christmas music before Thanksgiving, so I've been holding back.

But not anymore.  No.  Now is the time for those happy violin-bell-and-suave-voice-filled songs about snow, love, joy, and Jesus!  It will be magnificent!  

To continue start the season off right, I'm having friends over tonight to cut paper snowflakes and drink delicious hot chocolate! In honor of those two festive ideas, I wanna show you some great pinterest ideas that I will fully be taking advantage of tonight.  I was thinking about trying to pawn them off as my own ideas... but I didn't think anyone would believe me...

So, Ladies and Gents,
 Happy Holidays, happy festivities, Merry Christmas time, happy Christmas music time, God is good, and God bless America.