Sunday, March 27, 2011


Good afternoon people!!! yes you! you wonderful person reading my blog! why the heck are you reading my blog? is it really all that captivating????? or are you just procrastinating, and decided to let me help? well.... I am procrastinating right now, and YOU are helping!!! wooo!!! alrighty enough of that!. let's get this goin!!
My day has been interesting!! my last-night was interesting as well!

This weekend is siblings weekend here at Geneseo, and although I wanted my little brother to visit, he was unable to. poor kid.  There have been hordes of little adorable children running around all weekend, makes me smile :D I spent the majority of my yesterday in the library getting work done, and didn't eat dinner until about 3 am.  "THREE A-M??? WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOIN' BEIN AWAKE AT 3 AM???" you might ask.. but even if you dont, i'll tell ya!!!

Yesterday at around 7:30 I went to a LUMA production with my friend and her little sisters who visited.  It was basically a light show, with people in black dancing choreographed dances holding some kind of light up object.  It blew my mind!! The things these people did made me squeal like the little 3rd grader i was sitting next to.  Money well-spent. OHWAIT I didn't pay for the ticket! I just kind of walked in.  Sorry Geneseo. Take it out of my tuition... wait again... you already do!!!!!!

After that we went to the Union because they were having this roller skating event, and of course I love making a fool out of myself in public places, so I was THERE! it was lots of fun, downside: I got blisters..

I got back to my dorm, and the girls in the suite next to mine were cleaning out the boys' suite! (The boys' suite was probably the most disgusting man cave I've ever seen) I decided to help, and ended up staying there until the pizza came! I watched Cake Boss with Adrian and Zach, and complained about the woes of a long distance relationship (sad story..) I fell asleep around 3:30, which is the closest I've come to an all-nighter since being here.

Went to church in the morning, that was uneventful.

Decided to go tanning....... THIS.... was an event.  Since I'm going to Josh's prom on Saturday, I wanted to be slightly more tan than SNOW, so I thought about tanning.  I went today, and I was so nervous that I would look awful, but after my 5 minutes in the tanning bed, I can honestly say that it was worthless.  I look exactly the same!!!!! apparently I should get a spray tan. (seriously, how scary does that sound? I've only ever seen bad results from that......) yikes. I have an appointment set up for wednesday at 7.  I hope it goes well.

Now I have a date with Botticelli.  I have papers to edit!

Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!