Wednesday, February 29, 2012

388 win.

In my Intercultural Communication 388 class, we're doing an intercultural correspondance project with a class from Moscow.  

I'm in a group with a girl from my Geneseo class, and two students from Moscow. I just met them for the first time in our {really awfully planned} video chat conference! After e-mailing back and forth across a 9 hour time difference for 4 or 5 days,  it finally happened.  Artem and Irina are seriously awesome.  Artem joined our chat briefly at 11:30 am our time, and 8:30 their time, while he was still in the car, stuck in traffic!  When Irina finally got her video working, and Artem got home, our "conference" really began.   We had such a good time {using google+} just talking, getting to know each other, laughing and realizing that we're all pretty similar!

P.s. Artem and Irina are dating... which I thought was the cutest thing.
They seem like they work well together.  

We effectively planned out our plan for our Social Advertisements, and we have our next chat planned for friday! All in all I'm seriously excited for this class, and getting better acquainted with my new friends from Moscow.  

Can I get a WOOP WOOP for technology?!?!?!