Friday, November 18, 2011


I wish I could say that the title was about me doing random acts of kindness...but it's not.

Today started off pretty bad, when it wasn't even "today" yet.  It was still just a "tomorrow" and it was already ruined.

Woke up kinda late/early i call it ...learly... early enough to NOT be late to class, but late enough to not have enough time to take a shower.. awkward.

Class. blah. {hulu}. other class. blah. {notice the absence of LUNCH} then I had to finish my lab report due tomorrow.... I've never done a lab report before and I didn't even know where to start... or continue...

then it snowed. 
a lot. 

Waited until 5 for dinner, then ate some pretty great dinner ziti with surprisingly homemade sauce!!!! {day slightly improved.} thennnnn ice cream with "les bananes flambees" {or in english, sliced bananas sauteed in butter, brown sugar, and a 'splash' of brandy then my favorite part: bbuurrrnnneeedddd. the flames were at least a foot and a half high.}
Confession: my actual favorite part..........
was eating it.

{as campus food moves up in the world? maybe?}
met with lab report buddy at 6:30 to work on said lab report... I showed up at 6 {"oh yeah i'll just get a head start! I have the time." ......15 new pins later... thanks pinterest}
he showed up at 7 ish.... sooo I got no work done until then. 
we were finally able to obtain the study room from the Occupy Geneseo student movement....
{really kids... all you're occupying right now is study room 202A, you'll have to try a little harder.}
thennnn started REALLY working at 8......ish..

finished at 11. left at 12. starving.
walked down to the dining hall trying not to break my neck on the ice...
got into the dining hall. waiting on line for a pbj sandwich. and all of a sudden this GUY
"hey man.... it's 12 o'clock"
then looks at me with a very meaningful look that basically says 
"sorry chick, you were the last one here, you're the first one out."
I think it was the look of dismay/disapproval/utter resignation that was so apparent on my face, that made him tell me to "wait" and then offer me something "for free" to which i reply.... "no. i just want pbj"
{so now he's not only mean, but breaking the law?}
he looks at me.... for a couple seconds.....
then walks over and makes me a pbj sandwich, even asking me what kind of peanut butter to jelly ratio I prefer!!!! {I just said 1:1... didn't wanna get difficult or anything} then he gives me my sandwich, I pay for it, and leave. beaming. this tummy will be happy tonight!

Walking out of the dining hall, pulling my down-filled hood over my head and tucking my hair in, hearing the wind whistle through the snow covered trees, and stomping through the slightly frozen surfaces of numerous puddles in my fleece lined rain-boots, I realized that this guy didn't have to do anything for me.  He didn't have to offer me something for free, he didn't have to make me a sandwich, he didn't even have to smile at me when he handed it over! But he did, and because of that, he made my day. my day ended with such a minimal action, yet with such significant meaning to me, that it made my today wonderful, even though it really wasn't "today" anymore. it had become a "yesterday".