Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Well, my friends...
I know I haven't been the most dedicated blogger at all, {I even wince at the title "blogger".} but today I have something to say! 

I know for those people who know me it's like 
"oh REALLY? YOU have something to say?" 
{and to that, I say, hold your tongue, you mean-spirited "friend" of mine!! Sometimes the things I have to say must be shared on a grander scale than just our relationship? so CHILL. oh. and I love you!}

But seriously, a lot of the time I'm just completely ok with leaving my thoughts and feelings undocumented, which of course leaves you all very unfulfilled, unhappy, just pining my return.... or to be a little less dramatic, you're just lackin a little joy!!!! {erika..joy.. *say that in a james bond voice, and it'll stop being creepy.. or start?*
However, sometimes I just start feeling a little creative... my spidey-senses start tingling.. {or maybe I'm just hungry...} and I start thinking of very creative and roundabout ways to say really simple things.

Kinda like right now...

In the next couple of days I'm going to start looking back at this year, pictures included, and talk about things that have {and have not} changed.

That's all I had to say.
YUM. these were in my pancakes.

that. and blueberry pancakes are healthy, AND delicious. {especially slathered with butter and maple syrup...jk about the healthy part

that.. and when you sing "piano man" by Billy Joel, interchanging the word 'piano' with 'banana' makes it much more entertaining.

that... and when you find a box of hair products that you used to use a year ago, using all of them after you get out of the shower is a really great idea. {I'll let you know if my hair falls out}

that.... and when you get dressed for the day and someone asks you "oh where are YOU goinnn???" that's probably a sign that you should change out of your pajamas more often.

that..... and eating dark chocolate mounds before lunch doesn't inhibit your appetite!

and before I tell you that today was my first shower since Sunday, I'll just say goodbye...

{gosh darn, they're so delicious}
P.S: Circumlocution- noun- The use of many words where fewer would do, especially in attempt to be deliberately vague or evasive...or write a blog post.