Thursday, April 18, 2013

That love thing...

If you didn't read the first part of this story, then you just STOP RIGHT THERE. 

read this one first... otherwise you're doing it all wrong! :)

So by this time it's 11 days after that fateful day when we became friends on facebook {that's Taylor and I, in case you broke the rules and didn't go back. for shame.}  We skyped for 10 hours that day, I didn't take a nap... he did....not that we're competing or anything? {we are}. The next day we skyped for another 5 hours... 7 the next day... 3 the next... 8 the next... etc. basically we skyped every night after that for the past year and a half.  

This was slowly becoming a "thing". I was excited! Kinda nervous because he's 6 years older than me and I knew my parents wouldn't be thrilled, but at the same time, this guy was SO AMAZING! He LOVES God, he's patient, kind, gentle, funny, a good listener, a great advice-giver, he laughs at all my jokes, he's protective, manly, mildly attractive {lol...}, and uh... he likes me!!!!! He even told me so... :)

This was the point in our relationship when he started sending me morning messages.  Basically extra long texts or e-mails often with a bible verse telling me that I'm special, and that getting to know me has been a real treat and privilege.  If you've never gotten a morning message from someone, then you are missing. out. they're basically the happiest, cutest things ever!

Tay sent me morning text messages... morning e-mails.... morning facebook messages... and eventually we started skyping in the morning! Just to say hi. We quickly became very involved in each others lives, without ever meeting eachother! We also started praying together on skpye.  We didn't know where this relationship was going, what was going to happen, or when we were finally going to meet, but we had a couple ideas of our own!! I'd continually say "I don't know what God's plans are, but I have a few suggestions".  So Taylor and I were really dedicated to submitting ourselves and our relationship to God (him more than me sometimes...I'm stubborn), and praying about it a LOT.

So it was perfect, right? Hah. wrong.
He was 25, I was 19.
We had never met in person.
For all I knew he could be a creepy stalker predator guy!!!
My parents weren't too keen on this idea.

So when I first told my parents about him over fall break (beginning of October) they were kinda just like "uh....nope." which of course was upsetting because "come on mom, you don't even know him!" as I put it so elegantly... But I totally understood their point!!! It was weird: online communication has a bad reputation, as do online relationships.  My mom knew we were praying about it, but one time she asked the question "are you really listening for an answer?" and that really struck me hard.  No, we weren't.  So my mom asked me to take some "time off" from Taylor.  Taylor and I decided that we wouldn't talk for a week, and spend the time that we would have spent talking, praying instead.

it was so.difficult.

We both wrote each other letters during that week, and some of mine were tearful.  But it worked!!!  After a couple days, God showed me that if our relationship was going to have any kind of validity to it, we would have to wait...for a while...

and so we waited....