Friday, April 12, 2013 know you want to know

So guys... I know you're all wondering, and because the story is really longer, and more complex than time allows for each person who asks, I've decided to blog about it! 
so here it is... remember that I TOLD YOU it's long.
you've brought this upon yourself.

Taylor and I began our journey together on September 11th, 2011, when Alyssa, a mutual friend, told us each about each other, and encouraged Taylor to at least look me up on facebook.  Taylor had been in a long distance relationship before, as had I, and neither of us were keen to try it again.  However, Taylor eventually decided to look me up anyway.  He read my "about me" on facebook and thought I was really cool {#winning} so he messaged me! My friends were wary when I received his message on September 13th, the day after he friended me on facebook, and they warned me not to reply, because meeting people online is rather unconventional and weird, and "we don't know the kind of person he could be".  Nevertheless, I was intrigued by his message, flattered by his "p.s. you have a beautiful smile", aaaaaand I'm always up for an adventure, so I figured.... "HEY! why not?".  I responded to Taylor's message, and as we began to get to know each other through these "20 questions" messages we started exchanging, our messages grew from a paragraph long, to a couple pages long.  We kinda liked each other! He asked me lots of questions, gave me lots of opportunities to talk about myself, and in turn, I made him laugh! It was a match made in heaven! 
{I asked questions too btw...let that be known}

I really wanted to give him my phone number, because texting is so much easier and less time consuming than writing paragraph after paragraph on facebook...but I also remember making a conscious decision NOT to give him my phone number, because I didn't want to be pursuing him in the relationship, I would let him pursue me.  Eventually, 5 days, 81 messages, and 11 "favorite song"s exchanged, he asked for my number! We texted on and off the next day, {he was busy helping someone move... #muscleprobs} and on the 19th he asked if he could call me that night... He called, and 2.5 hours later we had another conversation set up for the next night! We talked every night after that, and then on the 24th, we finally had our first skype session.  We were on the phone, he had sent me a friend request on skype a couple days before, but it was the wrong erika...I friended him that night, and then right in the middle of our phone conversation, Taylor mentioned the fact that if he called me on skype at that very moment, I wouldn't be able to deny his request because he knew I was right in front of my computer.  
Background info: It was 11:45 pm my time, 9:45 pm his time, I was wearing long boy athletic shorts, a sports bra and t-shirt, no makeup, and I hadn't showered yet that day (it was saturday, gimme a break)
So I'm sitting there, recognizing this is possibly the worst time to start a face-to-face relationship with someone, but HEY, whatever. live on the edge, no?
So we skyped..... and talked....and sent youtube videos...and I played some guitar...and we joked...and talked some more about more things...and looked at pictures of cute babies...for 10 hours.  We didn't get off skype until I went to church the next morning.  Needless to say, we were hooked.

...stay tuned for the next 19 months......... :)

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