Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've fallen in love with sneakers...

I'm the type of girl that never really works out...... (but when I say never really, that sounds a little non-commital, and I actually mean that I NEVER WORK OUT!) I ran for two days in a row, but then I quit because the cost-benefit ratio was kinda 5-0. unequal. unfair. and III do not enjoy it when things are not fair!!! (orrrr that's just my excuse for not exercising my butt off all the time.) 
Anyway!!!! I had a pair of Asics running sneakers from when I ran track in high school (11th grade, hated it. never did it again) but for the modeling job I got this week, we have to wear white sneakers (um can we say racist?? DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.....you're awful to think such a thing!......) tangent, sorry..... ~story continuing~ I found a pair of white and teal Adidas sneakers at (ummm heeellllooooo) COSTCO! *cue angelic "ahhhhhh"* and they were $20, and they just had my name stamped all over em!  soooooo I bought them! (*cough cough* my dad bought them) andddddd that solved my white-sneaker-less problem! 

Lemme break this week down for you..
-I wake up at 5:45 every morning.
-Take a 6:43 train into Penn Station.
-Take the A,C, or E subway to 50th st.
-Walk over two LONG blocks to Rockefeller Ctr.
-THEN STAND ON MY FEET IN THE BLISTERING HEAT SWEATING BULLETS (i was gonna say something else but decided not to. use your imagination k?)
-I stand there for 9 hours while people ask me the stupidest questions I've ever heard.
-Then I get off at 5. and sprint back those two blocks to the subway (after getting my stuff from our secure storage area in CHINA) push through the crowd s of disgruntled commuters, and squeeze my little sweaty body into a nasty subway car with a bunch of other not-so-little sweaty bodies, and hold my breath for about 10 minutes...
-Then I take my 5:33 train back to Glen Cove
.........IF I happen to make the right switch at Jamaica and have a ride home from the station..

after re-reading that....
phew, it's a good thing I'm not a complainer.....
just kidding.
I have my moments.
sue me.

Ok so back to my point.. my original point... wayyy up at the top of this post.. 
I was never much of an exercise freak... but I have fallen in love with sneakers. probably the most freakin comfortable shoes ever!!!! andddd these are just $20 Costco sneaks. seriously. new addiction??? and some sneakers are LEGIT so cute!!!!!! like these and these and these oh andddddd these!!!!!!(but just because the bottoms are so fun and wrinkly!)

BTW: I spent all of my saturday painting the 2nd floor. check it

pretty boss, huh?
pedicure anyone? YES! ME!
thanks dan...
anddddddd i got freckles..
LOTS of freckles!!!!
That's it!!!!
Peeps, it's freakin hot outside.
The humidity makes it 10 degrees hotter.
Stay cool (as in temperature) , and stay cool (as in...cucumber)