Sunday, July 31, 2011


really, the title says it all. 
I have no idea why this website astounds me and literally EATS up my time as if it's a starved child from new guinea... (questionable analogy?)
maybe it's because, to me, it's brand spankin new, and i'm on a new kick..
maybe it's because all the stuff on it is soooo puh-rettyyyyyy...
maybe it's because I love all the stunning photography and lovely quotes that I find....
or mayyyybbeeee it's just because I like to procrastinate and pinterest is literally THE BEST website to help procrastinate....
  • better than myspace  (but ummm who even uses that anymore?)
  • better than facebook
  • better than cleaning your room (don't really do that either...)
  • better than reading fun people's blogs!!! (like this one and this one and THIS one... and this one)
  • better than tumblr
  • better than twitter
  • and yes, even better than stumbleupon
  • basically.... better than anything else that I've ever found ANYWHERE on the internet. besides online shopping. that's it's own animal.

anyway. pinterest. if anyone wants an invite into a world of procrastination, 
il y a que demander..
you only need to ask....

you're welcome.