Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I appreciate the way the sunshine wakes me up each morning, persistently shining it's rays through my window blinds, mocking their inability to maintain the cavern of darkness that had kept me so blissfully asleep.

I appreciate the way the wind nips at my face, wrestling with my loosely-tied ponytail as if in a request to come play.

I appreciate the way the pavement glistens, wet with rain in the cheerful light of the tall, immutable lamp posts.  

I appreciate the way the fog rolls in over the hills to cloud our campus in a mysterious yet comforting mist.

I appreciate the way these dark, ominous looking clouds are covering my large expanse of sky, but still allowing a small portion of sunlight to peek in over the horizon, giving me hope for today to turn into a better today later. 

I appreciate the way the sun burns away the clouds as if they're prion bars preventing it from living free and unbound.

I appreciate the way you created the sun to reflect it's blinding light off of the moon, to light up our darkest nights with the promise of a new day.

I appreciate the way the night skies proclaim your majesty, the stars cry out your praise in silent harmony