Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decorating! {my room: college dorm}

Usually, I'm not such a big fan of decorating... or rather, I WAS not such a big fan of decorating.
I never had any "fun" ideas, and never any inspiration.  
and... I still kinda don't, but I have pretty things, and when I put them in places, it makes those places pretty.....
like this earring/jewelry tree!

And: this little mirror, those sticks in a teeny-tiny pot from France, that wooden dolphin knick-knack, that flowery headband, and...

THESE necklaces!!!!!!

that was just at the beginning of the year. 
My roommate and I got the smallest room in our suite 
{WHYYYY???? jk it's actually not bad at all.}
but it DOES mean that we have very minimal aesthetic space.... because it all has to be functional.
THEREFORE, we had been dealing with our lack of prettiness anywhere.

until christmas {cue chorus of angels!!!!!!}
{, really....}
Then we put up lights!!!!!!


{ummm and thanks for $1 little tinted blue glass bulb TREASURES from good will}

Next up in the decorating series... {my other room: home}