Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hacking.... computer hacking more specifically, can be seen as both a positive, and a negative thing... usually by whomever is doing the "seeing".
However. there are other types of hacks.....

and then there's PICNIK hacks...
For those of you know, {or don't know....?} picnik is an photo editing website. There's bunches of cool effects, and little tips and tricks that you can do to your pictures to make them look kinda professional... 

one problem with picnik is that you have to upgrade to *premium* in order to do some other cool effects that are slightly more professional than the others.

I'm very proud of the fact that I have discovered how to use many of the effects to create other effects. 
like the "tint" effect. MY WORD, I can use that thing for like everything. 

can't use the "custom eye color" effect? use the tint!!!!!! tint your eyes blue, or purple, or brown..? whatever you want!!
can't use the "eye sparkle" effect? use the tint!!!!!! use white, and the "hardlight" tint effect, and apply it just on your eyes! thennnn use the white and the "add" tint effect, on just your pupils. it's a win. 

this is an exaggerated example so you can actually see the change.

basically.... it's really fun.
it's also free.
go have fun.
suck on that picnik!

**UPDATE: picnik is now owned by Google {but honestly... what isn't...} and I'm not quite sure how it's worked out, but now picmonkey is the website they suggest, and frankly, I like the interface better! It has all the same effects, but better! enjoy!**