Saturday, July 7, 2012

9, 8.

well it's over.
junior week 1.

Praying over the cabin last week with my co-counselor, I never could have guessed what this week was going to be like

We had no idea: 
how many socks were going to be lost, and never found
how much money would be lost under mattresses {and just sucked into oblivion apparently}
how many times we would be asked about what they should wear for the day
how precious their hugs were at the end of the day
how protective we'd get when another camper teased them
how frustrating it would be trying to do devotions with them in the morning, and at night, just because of their short span of attention
how much they were going to enjoy tube-a-side
how many shirts and shorts I would have to let them borrow because they ran out of clean pairs
what their relationships with the Lord were like, if they had any
what God had in store for this week, and this group of campers.

I had 9, 8 year old girls this week {plus a 10, and 11 year old} and God used every single one of them, to speak something unique and precious to my heart.  

I know that my patience and tolerance levels have been stretched to almost double what they were, and I just hope they don't shrink back.  I'm so thankful that God has put me in this place, at this time, in His oh-so-perfect timing, to experience all these things now.  

 I have to say... He used every situation during the week to teach me something.  Maybe these somethings are not somethings that I can fully grasp or even articulate yet, but at least they're somethings.  

I am thankful.