Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things to do today besides packing.

just in case anyone wants a distraction from packing...
{because I'm leaving tomorrow to go to camp for 9 weeks in New Hampshire and still have no idea what I'm going to be bringing at all. i had a dream that I forgot my bathing suits once, and since then packing always holds this awful anxiety... so I'll go eat some cake instead}
....or something else they should be doing
I've compiled a list
you're welcome

-Make blueberry pancakes
-Lay outside in the sun
-Paint the windows
-Watch the workers in the backyard make our patio
-Refrain from questioning them
-Write a blog post
-Watch how i met your mother
-Prepare for birthday party tonight
-Think about packing
-Clean my room
-Make my bed
-Shower {eh.. maybe}
-Watch Indiana Jones
-Download music {completely illegally}
-Play with goodie bagged makeup from Chanel
-Comment on all my friend's profile pictures {just to remind them that I love and miss them}
-Paint my nails
-Drink lots of water...
-Go running
-Eat lunch
-Pick out outfit for later

nothing too special. just some good ideas! I might check things off {mentally} as I go... just to make sure I did em all...

incidentally.... jenna marbles also made a video about this. it's called "things to do instead of cleaning your room" or something like that! I would include the link...but right now I don't really feel like it...