Friday, June 8, 2012


Now... I don't know about you guys, but I literally feel like it was just yesterday that I was on the beach with my best friend, talking about how happy we were that school was finally over, and how great it felt, just to lay in the sun, soaking up the Vitamin D, and knowing we had no commitments, responsibilities, or assignments to hand in the next day.
{albeit, we WERE just at the beach a couple days ago... doing just this...however this isn't the occasion I was referencing}

Anyway. this past year passed by quicker than I would like to admit to.
At first, when thinking back to my year... {I still reference years in school-terms.. pun intended so this past year for me was summer '11- summer '12}...I thought that I hadn't done much this past year.   Looking back at my year, and falsely realizing that nothing monumental occurred was really disappointing. 

But facebook came to the rescue, and showed me that I didn't just waste 365 precious days of existence, I did so many things, and had so many new experiences.

-My house was completely re-modeled. Where did we stay during this renovation? oh... we stayed here... I slept in a recliner and an on an air mattress for the entire summer... and my clothes were chillin with the 90's video tapes in that cabinet.

-I modeled for House Beautiful magazine during their Kitchen of the Year in New York City.  Which also happened to be during the hottest week of the year... standing outside for 8 hours a day for a week in 94+ degree weather...
this is the tanline.... i got from one day.

-I filled in for a counselor at a Christian camp in New Hampshire for a week, and lemme tell you...AWESOME. {also extremely draining physically, mentally, and spiritually... but still awesome}

-I was extremely stressed out for a couple weeks and cried my eyes out numerous nights in a row because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life declared a major!!!! {....actually two}

-I pierced my nose!

-I wore THESE things...

There's more... but now I don't want to write anymore. what a great blogger...