Thursday, June 14, 2012


"Yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away! Now it looks as though they're here to stay...
oh I believe in yesterday."

Wise {totally untrue, and unrelevant} words of wisdom from Paul McCartney {of The Beatles for those of you who were born under a rock}.  
That being said, yesterday was interesting.

I woke up at my friend's house, after an impromptu sleepover because we watched too much Chopped that night and were too tired to drive back.  I had no clean clothes, so {I saved the planet recycled, and} wore a cardigan as a top!*

I went to the dentist.*
I've never met the guy before, and he wasn't the most talkative.  I mean...neither am I when he's got long sharp pieces of metal in my mouth, but still...{conversation left much to be desired}

got shots of novocain in my mouth
Lemme tell ya..."rinse and spit" was not my most attractive move of the day, but it was right up there with how I looked eating my Wendy's later on with my numb face, and to top it off, whistling was impossible*
{along with trying to talk to my mom without her cracking up because of my face was a fail}

and a cavity filled.
I swear on everything holy that this literally took less than 10 minutes and I expected it to take WAY longer ~ sorry for the "I won't be able to pick you up" text scare, mom...{she started walking home}

Tried out a sock bun!!* {then took it out, because I didn't want to use hairspray, and my hair had the most lovely waves!}

I got my new shoes in the mail!* {for my birthday!!! thanks taylor!}
They're pretty much the most comfortable shoes I own. The shoe fits my foot like a glove {hence "run pace glove" see? these marketers totally know what they're doing}, they're unbelievably flexible, and they're really low profile, so I don't feel like I'm wearing big blocks of ugly 90s styrofoam sneakers on my feet.  {and I even went running tonight in them. I know. R.U.N.N.I.N.G}

Then I went tile shopping with mom... for three hours. 

then I ate food. 

then went and saw a movie with the bropsicle. {it should be brosicle... I understand, but come on... which is funnier?!?!}

{all those *s up there... refer to this!}

I hope your yesterdays were as ordinary-but-at-the-same-time-exciting as mine was!