Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm not a big hat wearer.
But there are days when I wish I was.

There are also days {or day...} when I have the opportunity to sport such large, floppy {rather pretentious looking} hats, and I.LOVE.IT.

This past saturday was one of those days...
when you realize you're leaving home for another 9 weeks after being {home for 4 weeks} away at school for 5 months straight, and you haven't done nearly enough fun things to justify your lazy little snippet of summer before selling your soul....signing your life away summer camp. {stop thinking of ghost rider..

 but it was also similar to those days...
when you just have nothing scheduled, and your best friend brings to your attention an event that will
1. Require dressing up {cue entry of floppy hat}
2. Not cost more than $20 {cue fist-bump with my wallet}

and ya know it also just happened to be one of those days...
when you wake up in the morning, and decide to complain to God for threatening to ruin {what was supposed to be} your bright sunny day with rain...

and of course it was a day...
when God TOTALLY pulled through, and burnt up those clouds with a beautiful day!

last but not least,
it also happened to be the Belmont Stakes!
it was awesome.

'hats off' to sun hats, everyone!

{I totally just did that}