Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Self Disclosure...But Love

Last year I learned about self-disclosure in my Interpersonal Communication class.
Self-disclosure is basically the act of telling people more about yourself... usually it's in a way that invests in the relationship, showing the other person that you care enough to tell them.  
When I first learned about it I kind of dismissed it with a flutter of my fingers, because I know that I can self disclose... sometimes way more than people want to hear.
I'm a talker!!
Some people hate leaving voice messages or videos on other people's facebook walls, but i love it!!!
It's a place for me to talk... respond... and process, all by myself.
Am I sounding crazy yet?? 

So anyway. I'm the queen of self-disclosure, right? I'll tell anybody anything!!! {mostly anything}
and I'll talk to them about almost anything!!
absolutely no problem.
except that I was wrong.

Self-disclosure isn't just telling other people different facts about your life.  
It's opening up your heart, cracking the hard-candy shell, and releasing the gooey fruity inside that no one ever gets to see.  
It's cracking through the coconut shell outside and letting out the juice that doesn't really taste that good, but it's super good for you...
It's breaking through the rock on the outside, finding the rock that has become so compressed over time, that it's turned into either gems... or dust...

Self-disclosure is about telling someone the things you don't want to tell anyone, because if they knew, they wouldn't like you anymore.  {or so says your irrational mind. go away mind. go get sick.}
Self-disclosure is about vulnerability, it's about the unknown, and the shadowy areas of the heart... the things you're unsure of, the things you're ashamed of.  

But love.

"But Love" is a phrase that completely encompasses the Gospel...
We were sinners, BUT LOVE came and rescued us.
We deserved hell, BUT LOVE took our place.
We are unworthy, BUT LOVE accepts our sacrifices.
We are lost, BUT LOVE has sought us, and desires our hearts....

Love teaches people how to love.
Love teaches people how to seek others, and relationships with them...
This love has been shown to me not only by my CREATOR, but by my boyfriend as well...

As sinful people, we hide from what will shed light on our insecurities.
That special person should be one who will gently take your hand, constantly speaking words of encouragement, and lead you into the light, where he then pours out HIS heart, revealing HIS inadequacies, and draws you into a place of security, stability, and love...where you're safe.

Thank God for love.