Saturday, August 21, 2010

Now back to the World of Headbands and Sunsets!

I haven't worn headbands in a while.  Mostly because all the plastic ones I get, end up breaking on me.  However, I recently started stocking up again, and NOT just with plastic ones, but cloth too. VERY cute...

ANYWAY!!!! that was just a musing of mine, a couple days ago....

CHECK OUT this awesome sunset I saw a couple nights ago... it was breathtaking :)

<----------- this was the first view I had, when I walked into the bathroom and saw the walls flooded with this color :D

This was the second view I had... 5 minutes later, after uploading the other picture and LOVING IT!!! I decided to take another, and LOVED THIS ONE EVEN MORE!!!!!

And this was at the end of my sunset.... so sad, yet so gorgeous and colorful!!!