Monday, February 25, 2013


Think of all the people you like the least....

If I could guess, I would assume that they're often difficult, frustrating, know-it-all, insecure, controlling, uncaring, mean, fake, jealousy-inducing, and invasive people....
They are put in our lives for a reason...

...and as frustrating as it is to figure it out...
I think I've got it.
{not just me though... this is something God has been teaching me over these past two weeks}

They are opportunities given to us by God.
These people are wonderful opportunities for us to show GRACE show LOVE... show MERCY...

mercy: n- compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm

These beautiful, God-created people are opportunities for us to bring the kingdom of God to earth...

Let me not be so wrapped up in my own problems to not recognize the way I'm hurting someone else.
Let me see the brokenness in hearts and lives.
Let me not be so blind to the effects of my words and actions.
Let me see through the facade of happiness that people put on, and let me reach out in Love.

{[capital] el-oh-vee-ee? yes. Love. personified.  Why? because Love personified means Jesus.}

Let me reach out in Jesus. 
Oh God let me show Love.

Let my heart be led by mercy.
Let me be a friend of sinners.
Let me reach out with open hands, instead of pointing fingers.
Let me be a friend of the people I deem unworthy.
Because to God, I'm unworthy.

Thank you God, for having more mercy than I could ever dream to show others.
Thank you for answering my prayers.
Thank you for giving me opportunities to walk in obedience to your still small word.
Thank you for putting people in my life that I can show mercy to.
Thank you for opening my eyes to my own unworthiness.

Help me to Love with an unconditional Love.
Help me see people through your eyes.
Break my heart for what breaks yours.