Friday, July 26, 2013

Falling asleep as I'm trying to finish this...

.....and I'm supposed to be packing....irrelevant.......

Summer is the best for picking fruit. If you've never gone, then you should just pick your little ol' self up and go right now  because ya gotta.

I recently went blackberry picking for the first time EVER with Taylor's sister and brother in law, who are awesome by the way!! [awesome and pregnant= double awesome]. And guys. I don't even know how much I love blackberries until the moment when I picked just the right berry off just the right vine and popped it in my mouth, ON A WHIM. It was perfect.  Ripe. Juicy. Sweet. NOT TART! I was instantly sold, and they're now a new favorite!!!!! [so I instagrammed them fifty times, as is fitting and proper with all newly favorited things]

^^and then all of a sudden we had a bagful. Was that a problem?? If you said not at all, then you're RIGHT.

So blackberries=success.

Today I went blueberry and peach picking!!!! The blueberry grove [terminology?] was the sweetest an happiest place I've been in a while!!!! The [amish] cashier sat in this tiny white-painted plywood booth that looks like it hopped right out of Pinterest, the blueberries were practically jumping [ok...falling] into our buckets, and the sweetest-lady-you-ever-did-meet, didn't even make us pay! [it only would've cost us $1.55 so she jut let us take em].  I didn't get any pictures of that..... 

Then we went peach picking! And despite pretty much getting lost within a mile radius of the storefront, the Asian family that followed us at first then led US to the peach grove, the only semi-ripe peaches, and the lack of buckets, those peaches were still way better than store-bought peaches!! [don't act so surprised]

So tonight. Amidst a pile of cheap fresh fruit, German pancakes, fried eggs, zucchini hashbrowns, tall glasses of water, and lots of laughs, Taylor and I planned out our save the dates with his good friend, Russ.

It was the best.

I'm convinced it was all the fruit :)