Thursday, August 1, 2013

a crack in the wall... a window.... a door

We loved each other! and finally we said it out loud! It wasn't "Goodnight, I like you" anymore, it was love!

The next time I saw Taylor was in New York, for New Years.  That was the first time he met my parents, and it was a really fun, but rather frustrating week.  Both of us were discouraged, because we didn't see how my dad could possibly see our relationship favorably.  We continued to give our relationship up to God, and let Him work in my dad's heart if that was His will!

Throughout the weeks after Taylor left, before I went back to school, my dad brought up Taylor in a couple different conversations, and it was done in a favorable light!  I got kind of excited!! That door to a relationship previously dead bolted, and protected with machine guns of "She's too young" and "Online relationships don't work out", was suddenly opened a crack by "He's a nice guy", and the light of a future started peeking through.

Over those next couple of months, Taylor and I were tested, and it was really hard... but we came out of it stronger, and more in love with each other!  I visited him over spring break, and we were blessed with an awesome photoshoot with our friend-tographer, [everyone thought we were engaged].  We also went looking at engagement rings, and seeing if the styles that I thought I liked, actually looked as good in person.

They did. :)
Matching from 3,000 miles away. 

By the next opportunity I had at home to spend time with my dad, he was fully in favor of Taylor.  During a previous catch-up phone call, he'd told me that he was "getting more used to the idea" of Taylor and I having a future together.  [mind you, this is a year and a half after we first started talking...]  The last conversation I had with my dad before Taylor showed up in New York on June 8th, was during a daddy-daughter date. I told him that I  really really love Taylor.... and he asked me how long Taylor was planning on staying, [just 2 days] and wished he was able to stay longer.

Finally, when Taylor finally got there, the atmosphere was completely changed from the first time he had been there.  It was warm and welcoming, and people were happy.  We spent that Saturday at my younger brother's graduation, then the rest of the day preparing for the gradu-birthday party on Sunday.  Taylor was planning on asking my dad that weekend, for my hand in marriage.  I knew he had the ring, and I knew he was gonna show it to my dad and ask for his blessing.

After setting up a couple times to talk with my dad, and then everyone just being to busy for it to officially happen, He found the opportunity to ask, right before the party on Sunday.  Taylor told him that he doesn't want to proceed in our relationship without my dad's blessing.  My dad responded by saying...

"You know, I do think that 21 is too young to be getting married, but there's an exception to every rule, and you're an exceptional guy"