Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I love

  • Getting to decorate my own cupcake after Large Group on Friday night {and then a second}
  • Eating dessert first
  • Kickboxing class {more of a love-hate relationship though}
  • Taking 5 minute showers because they make me feel accomplished
  • Singing pretty songs at nursing homes...then taking time to talk to the elderly people and hear all their awesome stories
  • The way sports stores smell {like NEW things, not sweat}
  • Buying new fuzzy socks
  • Finding out that those titanium necklaces really work
  • Testing the limits of my wardrobe by not doing laundry for...about a month.
  • The first snowfall and how giddy it makes me feel
  • Sleeping in... and then not doing anything productive for the rest of the day
  • Playing the guitar for however long I want to
  • Listening to beautiful music in French class
  • Wegman's frozen chicken pot pies {don't judge. they're delicious}
  • Staying up late for a movie night with friends
  • Snuggies with pockets
  • Optional morning classes
  • Long showers
  • Staying in my bathrobe for almost an hour after showering because all my clothes are in the laundry
  • Eating breakfast super late
  • Pinterest expressing my feelings through the various "quotes" boards. Thanks all you wonderful people.

And Last but not least

  • Being forced to wear my LARGE men's batman underwear that i bought for halloween, because all my other underwear is in the laundry. {and LOVING it...}