Saturday, November 5, 2011


so all of a sudden today... my blog has had one thousand page views!!!! how cuh-razy is that?
pretty crazy..........
guys..... a thousand is a lot!!!!! So you understand how I'm excited!

Also today, I decided to mayybbbeeee possiibbbllllyyyy kinda sorrrrrtttaaaaa start a fashion-ish blog...
schwwwhhhaaaatt???? yeah. ok let's answer the questions. the 5 w's!!
who: uhhmm ME!
what: uhmmm.... fashion blog..
when: ...... -______- today!! (gosh these questions suck..)
where: HERE! gosh darnit.
why: OKKK FINALLY! because I love fashion, and I really need a creative outlet for all my.... creative-ness. also known as creativity, but who really cares anyway. HERE WE GO PEOPLE. let's do this.

one problem about my fashion-y today. when I was taking pictures, I got carried away, then my camera died.... 

Lessons Learned
1. Just don't get carried away. there's no need
2. Snacking just prolongs the process.

all leather Express belt that I got from
Goodwill for $6
My Great-Grandmother's locket...
and no there's nothing in it yet! 

Jeans: Forever 21!
and then I got a Gingerbread latte..

Then I got carried away.... by the sunlight...
aaaand the way the sunlight hit our budget college blinds.
..... and green scarves..

Better luck next time...