Monday, August 16, 2010

From the world of sleep.

Yes, this is my gift.....
I don't require gift wrapping.
Just packaging maybe.
My hand hits that kind, large, gift of a button every 9 minutes.  
Wait.... but why 9 minutes?
 Who knows?! Who cares? 
Some mornings I spring out of bed, ready to start my day, and get work done.

However it’s the other days when i thoroughly appreciate this small technological gift from the creator of the alarm clock. 
If I knew him personally, he’d be my best friend

*best friends*
Without this snooze button, I would be either forced to wake up too early, jarred out of my temporary state of hibernation by the harsh, cold, pitiless blaring of my alarm clock, or I would be late to whatever event I was forced to wake up early for, be it school, work, church, even my own graduation. 

I would’ve never thought that 9 minutes could make such a difference in the course of my day; not being enough time to get to school, or finish my homework, but more than enough time to  brush my teeth, eat a quick breakfast, or heat up a cup of tea in the microwave.  

9 minutes is just enough time to fill up my gas tank, or to get dressed.  Apparently it’s also just enough extra time to sleep, where it allows you to stay warm, and tucked up in your bed, dozing off until the alarm rings again; Just enough time to make your day surprisingly better, the difference between hot and cold, summer and winter.  
The snooze button, a marvelous invention.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. "Alarm clocks on the other hand....."
The vile beast without a snooze button.......