Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The world of a wire coat hanger

A piece I wrote in English class this year, that I just really love, and once I stumbled across this picture, I knew I had to share it :)
He sees her, the damsel in distress, tied up in her prison cell, covered in dirt and sweat, awaiting the fate that she knows she doesn’t deserve, like a lamb, led to the slaughter.  She is going to be fed to the dragon at dawn.  She has been in this situation before, and each time her prince charming comes to rescue her.  She’s not worried.  Without warning, she looks up and sees him, bursting through the thick wooden doors that lead to where she is held, like the sun breaking through the clouds, brandishing his sword, daring the guards to try and stop him, as he comes to slice through the ropes that bind her arms with his frighteningly sharp, and powerful sword.  He frees her, and grabs her by the hand to guide her safely out of her imprisonment, to safety.  She runs behind him, holding up her dress, brushing her dark curls out of her eyes, struggling to keep up.  He turns to look at her, to reassure her, and tell her not to worry, when all of a sudden their world of make-believe is shattered by a call from their mother announcing dinner.  Her bindings disappear, her elegant, dazzling pink dress evaporates to be replaced by her mother's old sun-dress, and beaten up high heeled shoes, her prince’s shining army once again becomes the squashed cardboard box that their mother had been cajoled into saving from Christmas, as they jump up and run into the kitchen, eager to eat their food, yet uneager to leave their story unfinished.  The little boy stops before entering the kitchen, turns around, and looks back in awe and reluctance as his bright, sharp, jewel-encrusted sword, under his watchful gaze, transforms back into the old, bent-up wire coat hanger that it once was.  After rejoining his sister in the kitchen, he nods his head in response to her quizzical look, then whispers quickly in her ear “don’t worry, our secret’s safe”.